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These additional teaching resources were developed by NERDC members and are not yet published, or were developed and published by authors not part of NERDC.

NEW!   Topic: Counseling for Kidney Biopsy and Immunosuppression in Glomerulonephritis Using Simulation

Check out this open-access description of a virtual simulation adapting the Breaking Bad News OSCE (Prince, et al. AJKD, 2021) for assessing fellow interpersonal communication skills when counseling patients with glomerulonephritis and the need for immunosuppression. Materials are freely available on-line.

Lim CC, Mok I, Huang Z, Tan HZ, Choo J.
Counseling for kidney biopsy and immunosuppression in glomerulonephritis using simulation.
Glomerular Dis. 2022 Dec 23;3(1):29-31 (freely available).

Topic: The Kidney Diet Challenge

Check out the set of 4 webinars presented during the Kidney Diet Challenge, which was held in August 2020. The Challenge was an immersive dietary experience, designed to improve practical knowledge about the kidney diet among health care providers caring for patients with chronic kidney disease.

The videos include a detailed introduction (with recipes!) by an experienced nephrology dietician, a discussion of the history of dietary modification in patients with chronic kidney disease, a kidney diet cooking show, and an interview with a patient who has successfully adhered to the kidney diet. Enjoy!

A description of the Kidney Diet Challenge has been published.

Norouzi S, Liu KS, Bustamante E, La T, Mitch WE, Pivert K, Staggers KA, Shusterman B, Yuan CM, Raghavan R.
The Kidney Diet Challenge: An experiential educational experience.
Kidney360. 2021 Nov 29;3(2):279-286. (freely available).

Topic: Demystifying Glomerular Disease: A Worksheet Teaching Tool

Even practicing nephrologists struggle with learning glomerular diseases. The apprehension may begin with an inadequate understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease process and the resulting histologic appearance of the glomerulus. Hence, trainees feel the need to memorize a constellation of symptoms that are associated with a particular disease pattern. This curriculum enhances active learning and is broadly applicable to students, residents, and fellows.

  • Worksheets on glomerular diseases: DOCX | PDF
  • Completed Worksheet: PDF
  • Facilitator’s Guide: DOCX

Awan A, Ali S. Rajendran P, Raghavan R.
Nephrology Fellowship Training Program, Baylor College of Medicine.
Presented at the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week 2018; San Diego, CA.

Topic: Simulation-Based Master Learning for Temporary Hemodialysis Catheter Insertion

This simulation curriculum (with skills examination checklist, freely available within the text of Clark, et al) permits training, testing, and documentation of procedural competency for Temporary Hemodialysis Catheter insertion.

Barsuk JH, Ahya SN, Cohen ER, McGaghie WD, Wayne DB.
Mastery learning of temporary hemodialysis catheter insertion by nephrology fellows using simulation technology and deliberate practice.
Am J Kidney Dis. 2009 Jul;54(1):70-6.

Clark EG, Paparello JJ, Wayne DB, Edwards C, Hoar S, McQuillan R, Schachter ME, Barsuk JH.
Use of a national continuing medical education meeting to provide simulation-based training in temporary hemodialysis catheter insertion skills: A pre-test post-test study.
Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2014 Oct 14;1:25–32.