ACGME Milestones Map v2.0

The new nephrology-specific ACGME milestones for fellow evaluation go into effect on 1 July 2021.

The milestones may be downloaded at:

  • Below, we offer a “map” of how we will use our existing assessments at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center nephrology fellowship program to track fellow progression over the two years of training.
  • We also include a brief description of our initial implementation of the new milestones, along with some of the problems we perceive.

We would be particularly interested in how other programs are going to assess SBP3: Population Health and Professionalism 3: Self-awareness and Well-being. (Please contact us.)

  • We have also developed a block clinical rotation evaluation that maps to the milestones for use by the Clinical Competency Committee. (Our training management system is MedHub, but this could be adapted to other platforms. This evaluation form is publicly available on MedHub.)

Shown below is how we have mapped questions regarding PC1 (AKI) and PC2 (Chronic Dialysis) to the subcompetencies. Other evaluations with mapping are also available for sharing: a briefer evaluation for second year fellows; a 360-degree evaluation; and a conference presentation evaluation. (Please contact us.)

Mapping to subcompetencies Fellow Evaluation
Mapping to subcompetencies Fellow Evaluation