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Topic: Breaking Bad News in Patient Communications.

These are simulations for evaluating competence in nephrology-specific communication with patients about dialysis and kidney biopsy. (What is a mini-CEX?)

Prince LK, Howle AM, Mikita J, Y’Barbo BC, Maynard SE, Sussman AN, Maursetter LJ, Lenz O, Scalese RJ, Sozio SM, Cohen S, Watson MA, Nee R, Yuan CM (Nephrology Education Research and Development Consortium—NERDC).
Assessing nephrology fellows’ skills in communicating about kidney replacement therapy and kidney biopsy: A multicenter clinical simulation study on breaking bad news.
Am J Kidney Dis. In press. 16 March 2021.

Topic: Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) for evaluating competence in dialysis management.

These are quantitative, nephrology-specific assessment tools for fellow competence in dialysis management. These formative OSCEs are easily-implemented and low-cost simulations for assessment of dialysis and CRRT skills, including rare dialysis emergencies.

Prince LK, Abbott KC, Green F, Little D, Nee R, Oliver JD 3rd, Bohen EM, Yuan CM.
Expanding the role of objectively structured clinical examinations in nephrology training.
Am J Kidney Dis 2014 Jun;63(6):906-12.

  • NERDC Dialysis Orders OSCE: Test
  • NERDC Dialysis Orders OSCE: Rubric

Prince LK, Campbell RC, Gao SW, Kendrick J, LeBrun CJ, Little DJ, Mahoney DL, Maursetter LA, Nee R, Saddler M, Watson MA, Yuan CM.
The dialysis orders objective structured clinical examination (OSCE): a formative assessment for nephrology fellows.
Clin Kidney J 2018 Apr;11(2):149-155 (freely available).

Prince LK, Nee R, Yuan CM, Nephrology Education Research and Development Consortium (NERDC).
The acute dialysis orders objective structured clinical examination (OSCE): Fellow performance on a formative assessment of acute kidney replacement therapy competence.
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2019 Sep 6;14(9):1346-1354.

Topic: Tools for assessing competence in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Effective evaluation of nephrology fellow performance is challenging because of the complexity of clinical activities. Here we present tools for use in outpatient and inpatient settings that we believe go beyond the traditional subjective assessments used in conventional evaluation forms.

Yuan CM, Prince LK, Zwettler AJ, Nee R, Oliver JD 3rd, Abbott KC.
Assessing achievement in nephrology training: using clinic chart audits to quantitatively screen competency.
Am J Kidney Dis 2014 Nov;64(5):737-43.

Yuan CM, Nee R, Abbott KC, Oliver JD 3rd.
Combating grade inflation in nephrology clinical evaluations using faculty education and a 5-point centered rating scale.
J Grad Med Educ 2016 May;8(2):192-6 (freely available).

Topic: Defining and assessing achievement of nephrology-specific curricular milestones.

What body of knowledge and skills should nephrology programs teach? How should fellows demonstrate competency in these areas? We have proposed a manageable, quantitative set of curricular milestones, including Quality Improvement.

Yuan CM, Nee R, Abbott KC, Oliver JD 3rd.
Milestones for nephrology training programs: a modest proposal.
Am J Kidney Dis 2013 Dec;62(6):1034-8.

Yuan CM, Prince LD, Oliver JD 3rd, Abbott KC, Nee R.
Implementation of nephrology subspecialty curricular milestones.
Am J Kidney Dis 2015 Jul;66(1):15-22.

Prince LK, Little DJ, Schexneider KI, Yuan CM.
Integrating quality improvement education into the nephrology curricular milestones framework and the clinical learning environment review.
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2017 Feb 7;12(2):349-356.

Topic: Educational surveys of graduates and directors of nephrology training programs.

How do clinically active graduates of nephrology programs assess adequacy and relevancy of their training in specific areas of nephrology? What are the best practices and barriers to effective training perceived by program directors? We are working to incorporate feedback from our training program graduates and from nephrology program directors thoughout the U.S. to improve and inform curriculum.

Ceckowski KA, Little DJ, Merighi JR, Browne T, Yuan CM.
An end-of-life practice survey among clinical nephrologists associated with a single fellowship training program.
Clin Kidney J 2017 Aug;10(4):437-442 (freely available).

Yuan CM, Nee R, Little DJ, Narayan R, Childs JM, Prince LK, Raghavan R, Oliver JD 3rd, for the Nephrology Education Research and Development Consortium (NERDC).
Survey of kidney biopsy clinical practice and training in the United States.
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2018 May 7;13(5):718-725.

Yuan CM, Oliver JD 3rd, Little DJ, Narayan R, Prince LK, Raghavan R, Nee R (for the Nephrology Education Research and Development Consortium—NERDC).
Survey of non-tunneled temporary hemodialysis catheter clinical practice and training.
J Vasc Access 2019 Sep;20(5):507-515.

Yuan CM, Little DJ, Marks ES, Watson MA, Raghavan R, Nee R (Nephrology Education Research and Development Consortium—NERDC).
The electronic medical record and nephrology fellowship education in the United States: An opinion survey.
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2020 Jul 1;15(7):949-956.