Welcome to NERDC!

We are the Nephrology Education Research and Development Consortium, a consortium of academic and practicing clinical nephrologists in the United States.

Our goal is to develop and evaluate educational and assessment tools for nephrology training programs.

Recently added

[2019-09-20] NERDC publications on the Dialysis Orders OSCE and on our survey on temporary dialysis catheter placement; updates to People and Activities.
[2019-04-29] Final versions of the Dialysis Orders OSCE; updates to People.
[2019-01-06] A new NERDC publication; updates to People and Activities.
[2018-10-16] Changes to People in NERDC; NERDC presentations at ASN 2018 Kidney Week.
[2018-10-12] A website for Teaching Resources. See especially Demystifying Glomerular Disease: A Worksheet Teaching Tool, to be presented at ASN 2018 Kidney Week, October 26.